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  • Ponytopia
    - A great informational website dedicated to the G3s. Check out the latest news every day to keep up with new releases!

  • Rainbow Forest
    - The "Ponytopia" of the G2 My Little Ponies. Very informational and excellent for identifying the G2 MLPs!

  • Dream Valley
    - Again, the "Ponytopia" of G1 MLPs, the originals. It has a great ID page, if you need to know the name of a certain MLP you've acquired. Wonderful!

  • My Little Pony Collector
    - Another excellent G1 (and you can also get information on the other Generations, too!) informational guide!

  • My Little Pony Trading Post
    - Another great forum, mainly for trading, selling, and buying MLP's. I spend almost all my free time here!

  • Encyclopedia MLP
    - A forum specifically designed to allow users to post in their own state or country's board when they've found new MLPs. I use this forum ALL the time to keep me updated on G3 releases in my area! I REALLY recommend this place, I wish more people would post here!

  • My Little Pony: The Official Website
    - How could I forget the *official* MLP website? It is a nice site, but unfortunately, all the news on the official website can be found on Ponytopia, oh, a few months before! ;) Still a great link! Check out the Mail Order section to redeem all of your Pony Points!

  • LINK
    - A Dutch website with pictures of all generations of ponies!

  • LINK
    - A place to buy MLPs and their accessories! Check it out!

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