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About this site.
This site has been around since August 29, 2003. I had slowly added content to the site, but it became overwhelming and I soon had a hard time updating it. I'm hoping that since I took down a vast majority of the content I used to have, that I will update it more often. Here's to hopin'! ;)

About the layout.
I ♥ Thistle Whistle, of course! She is one of my new favorite ponies - not just because she's gorgeous, but because her TV personality is SO similar to mine! Her backcard story fits me to a tee! "All Pegasus ponies are shy, and THISTLE WHISTLE is one of the shyest! Taking risks (like making new friends) is really scary for her. But if a good pal needs her help, she's the fastest one on the scene - and all her fears disappear!"

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January 14, 2006

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New layout, updated my collection.

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