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Collector's Website Spotlight

    My Little Pony:

  • Posey's Garden
    - This site is awesome! Posey has many interesting features on her website, including A G3 Indentification tool!

  • Ponytopia
    - The MLP mecca itself! This site is very extensive on the the Gen3 MLPs. Check it out if you want the latest news on Gen3's!

  • MLP Arena
    - A great website with many creative ways to express pony love - including a great forum! An MLP must-see!

  • My Little Pony World
    - This site has pictures of the owner's extensive collection! Very nice!

  • Crazy Jack's Free Pics
    - A notorious website that has a LOT of FREE pictures! Almost all of the pictures I take are from this site! They're fabulous!

  • Dream Valley
    - Yet another pony mecca! If you're looking for a thorough pony description, or want to find out which pony you have recently aquired, this is the site for you!

  • My Little Pony Collectors Site
    - A collector's website with lots of information, like the true value of each pony, with printable checklists! Check out her artwork too!

  • My Little Pony Trading Post
    - Ooh, baby! I spend ALL my online time here! This website is probably one of THE most popular websites for pony lovers! You need a question answered about a certain pony? Ask the question and someone is bound to reply with the answer! Visit this place if you want up-to-date information on the new MLP release!

  • Ponyland Market
    - This website is probably the ONLY Gen2 MLP website out there. This website has EVERYTHING Gen2! It's sort of the Dream Valley of Gen2 MLPs! It even has international released of Gen2s, which is great!

  • Rainbow Forest
    - Another great guide to the G2 MLPs! Check it out!

  • My Little Pony Customizers Club
    - Love looking at MLP customs? This is the site for you! Anyone can post their customs, or ideas on this board. There are so many to look at!

  • Hushabye's Hair Shoppe
    - Need to buy MLP hair for custom ponies? This is a great website for that! Cute layout!

  • Customtopia.com
    - Need MLP hair for customs? Need a close-up of a pony's symbol so you can paint it? This is the PERFECT website! Wildfire and Fantasy did an excellant job! Also check out their discussion board.

  • Desert Wind's Ponyland
    - Check out Desert Winds' customs and artwork!

  • My Little Pony Nostalgia
    - This website has a beautiful layout! Her collection is layed out perfectly, with magnificant backgrounds for her ponies to be displayed! Wonderful content as well!

  • Aikarin.com's MLP Site
    - Beautiful customs and backgrounds! Extensive content! Enjoy!

  • Violet Star Shine
    - Wonderful layout! Purple and clouds... I love it! Tons of customs! You will have hours of fun here!

  • Sea Pony Utopia
    - An extensive collection of Sea Ponies! Want to see some Sea Ponies MIB? This is the place to go!

  • Misty Mountain
    - This website is a popular one around the MLPTP. Here you can adopt adorable Big Brother ponies, Windy Wing ponies, and more! She has glorious customs, and does wonderful drawings! Don't forget to check out her custom making tutorial!

  • The My Little Pony Desktop Reference
    - Check out her beautiful collection!

  • CandyJunky's Pony Obsession
    - What a cute layout! Very nice collection pics!

  • My Little Pony Collector's Convention
    - An England convention for MLP collectors! Takes place on November 27th, and HASBRO will attend, as well as Debra L. Birge, the write of "The World of My Little Pony: A Collectors' Guide!" Exciting! Wish I could attend...

    Non-MLP Related:

  • Quickbreath
    - The official Quickbreath website. Go! Buy their CD!

  • Moonshadow Gates
    - Fable's personal website. Also check out her pony site, Paradise Dreams, listed above. :)

  • Jentutu's Personal Website
    - Jentutu is one of my favorite pony traders! His personal website features tons of artwork and poetry, as well as his pony want list. :)

  • Natalie Portman
    - Like Natalie Portman? Of course you do! Check out the unofficial website that runs like it's the official!

  • Secrets of Grayskull
    - Mixing Masters of the Universe and MLP? You can't go wrong! If you're looking to buy episodes of your favorite 80s cartoons, this is the place to visit!

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